2nd Team Player of the Year Awards

1987T. Dobson
1988A. Biglin
1989N. Raine
1990M. Stainsby
1991T. Dobson
1992D. Nicholson
1993D.J.B. Morgans
1994C. Whitton
1995C. Dent
1996T. Dobson
1997P.D. Raine / C. Whitton
1998P.W. Howells
1999J.F. Smith
2000D.J. Coates
2001C. Dent
2002D.J. Coates
2003K. Barker
2004D.J.B. Morgans
2005C.S. Biglin
2006J. Stock
2007J.R. Sutton
2008D. Baldwin
2009T.J. Chapman
2010M. Stainsby
2011D. Baldwin
2012S. Russell
2013D.J.B. Morgans
2014D. Baldwin
2015K. Barker
2016S. Russell
2017O. King
2018D.J.B. Morgans
2019J. Barnes
2020S. Bell
2021J. Knowles
2022A. Metcalfe
2023M. Harwood